About Us

Life is more fun in color! These vibrant designs are my passion and my art.

Im so thankful you've taken the time to visit Alvaro Casa! All the images in the designs I have photographed myself. They are usually objects I've collected from around and then photographed in unique and beautiful ways to create an interior fantasy for your home! 

For example "A new dawn" is a toy dinosaur  I have loved for many years which I shot with some crystals I also had in my collection. By pairing these two together and shooting them with dramatic lighting I was able to create a story, much like a child would in his own imagination, but this way it can be shared and appreciated by everyone. Im very passionate about my work, and I hope it brings you joy as well! It would be a huge joy for me to know that in sharing the vibrance and wonder of my imagination you were also made happy as well! 

Alvaro Casa is a small firm based in New York City and ships globally. 
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