Alvaro Masa’s work is vibrant, amorous, and exotic much like the south of Spain where he hails from. His interests in the visual arts whether it was in the form of fashion, graphic design or illustration have taken him to work in London, Stockholm and to his current home of New York City where he art directed for clients such as Nike, L’Oreal and the N.B.A. His collaboration on swimwear with client David Mason Chlopecki, and his brand Slick It Up, led to their recent marriage.
During a recent summer trip to Ibiza, Masa was surprised to see the popularity in his swimwear designs. This helped him realize there was a large market for the products of his imagination and he was excited to take his designs and turn them into a homeware collection where they could be shared with the world to brighten peoples lives.
The spirit of the brand is creating interior fantasies! If the designs aren’t collaborations with his global artist friends, such as Exterface of Paris or Marco Ovando of New York City, the designs are made from scratch by Masa himself which is very rare in todays market. His painterly style with photography or charming illustrations lighten and brighten people homes as the designs are not only beautiful, they’re also conversation pieces that people can form special relationship with.
Masa shines in his ability to compose creative vignettes that are made from unique and special curiosities he has collected from his travels around the world! Toys, antiques, candy, even rare minerals are photographed by him creating fantastic stories bringing your imagination and home to life!