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This pillow is 20”x20” (50.8cm x 50.8cm) made from rich, high end, eggshell finish satin and features a zipper entry.
Who doesn't want a a unicorn in their lives?! This now legendary image by David Mason and Exterface is a global favorite yet merchandise for it is basically non existent because the artists really cherish this piece and don't want to sell the rights to use the work to anyone... Luckily this unicorn happens to be my unicorn husband! 
 Double sided, this pillow also features a far more rare image from the series of the unicorn working out! Its such a beautiful color palette, humorous, and just a teensy bit sexy. The humor balances it all out so its safe for anywhere and people explode when they see this pillow.
We've seen this image painted on velvet next to Mother Theresa in Mexico, on the walls of BBQ pits in Chicago, painted on girls fingernails, its been copied countless times by people around the world and the craziest things is that I dressed as him for Burning Man before I had ever met him, and then met him randomly and married him?!
This image is POWERFUL MAGIC!
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